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Families who choose to utilize the services offered take full responsibility for their own health and asking any questions necessary to make a truly informed decision to utilize any offered services. 
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Thank you for choosing Hudson Valley Placenta Services to provide your placenta services. HVPS was the first to offer professional placenta services in the Hudson Valley region and continues to offer the same high quality services that have satisfied many new families since 2009. 

There are many traditions for the placenta, or tree of life, after the birth of your child. In some cultures it is hung from a tree, floated down river, buried by the door or under a special tree or plant. In practices based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta is prepared by steaming and dehydrating before being processed into a powder. Whether you plan on encapsulating, tree burial or other options, Hudson Valley Placenta Services is here to help you. 

The purpose of the birthing parent ingesting their encapsulated placenta is that it is thought to reintroduce beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to their body following labor and birth that are reported by those who have used it to help restore a more balanced body function, assist in improving mood, increase milk production, shorten healing time, increase maternal energy levels,  and provide an over-all feeling of wellness. Your placenta is made just for you and your baby! Placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and is now gaining acceptance in the United States as natural way to facilitate health and well-being postpartum.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of this organ-of-life, Professional Placenta Encapsulation Services may be the right choice for you! In capsule form, you do not need to chew or taste anything- just swallow with a sip of your favorite beverage and say hello to all that your placenta has to offer you. Some TCM Practitioners actually recommend taking your capsules with food and a bit of wine to help diffuse it through the body. Placenta Tinctures are thought to be helpful with menopause and can be used to make other placental remedies. Your placenta is intended only for ingestion by you and for safety reasons, should not be shared with other individuals. We have Placenta Transport Kits available exclusively to our clients, shipped right to your door to be packed in your birth bag, ensuring safe storage of your placenta after the birth.

Hudson Valley Placenta Services offers two methods of preparation for encapsulation, both the Traditional Steamed Method and the Raw Method. We also offer Commemorative Placenta Preparation in a keepsake bottle and are open to other options as well. For more options like Placenta Prints, Tincture, etc.  and to register for your services be sure to look over the Options page of this website. Prints & Tinctures are optional services offered at no additional cost. For Placentophagia Research please see the link on the Testimonials page. Contact us for more information about scheduling our services for yourself or your loved one.

We would love to help you 
have a happier, healthier postpartum!

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