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"If you are looking to have your placenta encapsulated following birth, Courtney is the person to entrust! She's been doing it longer than anyone in the area and shows a true passion for helping new mamas with a little placenta power. She encapsulated up my daughter's placenta five years ago and my son's placenta this year. Both postnatal recoveries went smoothly and I have no doubt that is owed in part to the placenta pills. Courtney is professional, personable and her turnaround is fast. I have no doubt that she approaches her doula work with the same steadfast compassion and attention to detail. New moms and dads are certainly lucky to have her services in our neck of the woods!"

"I had my son via C-section and I started taking the placenta capsules two days later. This was my second section (I am intending on a VBA2C next time) Anyway, I felt GREAT after this section! I was up and moving sooner, I went home a day and a half after the section! I was able to move really well, I even drove just a week after giving birth! I had much more energy, and NO BABY BLUES! I cried my eyes out and didn't leave my house for the first two weeks after my Daughter. Not this time! I had some emotional ups and downs, but it wasn't unmanageable like last time. I can't say enough good about taking these pills! I felt like a million bucks this time around!"

"Everything was amazing!!!  How speedy you arrived, how quickly the pills were brought back & the packaging was excellent!  I couldn't be happier!"

"I just wanted to thank you again for the fast and accommodating turnaround with the placenta pills.  I'm feeling well and am sure that the capsules are partly to thank!"

"Courtney was always very informative and answered all the questions I had about taking the capsules. Her services are very professional and I would recommend her to anyone!"

One mom says she feels completely different than after her first birth, "I don't know what happened this time, but I feel really good! I haven't had any issues whatsoever!"

"Great service, beautiful packaging, very thoughtful all around. I have already recommended Courtney to many pregnant friends, and would definitely use her services again. Thank you."

"I'm definitely feeling more energized and balanced, as compared to my first delivery."

"I thought you were super professional and we are both very glad we worked with you. THANK YOU!!!"

"We were very pleased with all aspects of the service- from the immediate response to contact and questions to the above and beyond effort in making it happen with scheduling. We felt cared for and comforted during the entire process. We definitely recommend your services to others!"

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If you are a past client of HVPS and would like to take the optional post-services satisfaction survey or share feedback, please e-mail me. Additionally, you can leave reviews on Yelp or the Hudson River Doulas facebook page if you feel so inclined.

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